Helveticus Rewards

Site members can now take advantage of our reward scheme, by earning points for each purchase you make on our store. These points can then be swapped for money off coupons to use on future purchases.

You will now earn 1 reward point for every £1 you spend on our store. Once you have earned

50 points, you can swap this for a £1 off coupon, or you can continue to save in order to swap for a higher value coupons - up to a maximum coupon value of £50.

When combining this with our new referral scheme, you have an opportunity to make huge savings across our store.

The rewards tab is located at the lower-left corner of our store. From here you can keep track of your reward points and convert them to coupons when you want to make a purchase.


Click the "Log In" icon on the website to sign up. Remember, becoming a member is completely free, there's no contractual obligations and memberships can be cancelled by yourself at any time.

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